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Music Production Services
Online or In-Studio

Work Collaboratively

We can professionally produce or record your project IN STUDIO or COMPLETELY ONLINE, working via email, Skype and other online musical collaboration tools. A complete production service, be there every step of the way, from the pre-production session, helping with track composition structure and dynamics, to recording the instrumental tracks and vocalists, through to studio engineering and mixing and mastering. Get professional Record Label Quality from the renowned Sakakech Studio Hub. Contact Us to discuss your project.

Sakakech produces "Blow Today" by SINE

Sakakech produces "Blow Today" by SINE

Starting your recording.

Contact Us to get a quote for your record, track or project. We will begin an immediate collaboration with you, first via email and then face-to-face if suitable. We'll even Skype you if it's easier or required.

When you contact us to discuss your project and we'll give you a very affordable custom quote for your track, record, EP, or project. We build packages that are just right for many of our customers.


This is your music, we want you to be as much a part of the process as we intend to be, we also want you to come back. We love our clients at Sakakech Production and we want to continue making music with them. Simple.



Want to talk to one of our producers about your project before you commence?

Drop us a line, Say hello, Talk to a Producer, we are all ears.

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We will get in touch

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