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Listen to my new single 'Blow Today'

Blow TodaySINE
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Sine opens up his 2023 catalogue in emphatic fashion with his new, upbeat afrofusion anthem 'Blow Today,' - a suave, laid back track with an incessantly danceable groove and a sound drenched in that unmistakable sunshine sound. 'Blow Today,' is enriched in West African culture, particularly honing in on the North West region of Cameroon called Bamenda where the popular 'bottle dance rhythm' provided the predominant inspiration for this track. Lyrically, 'Blow Today,' thematically centres on 'making one's dreams come true today, not tomorrow,' and embraces the powerful ideal of grasping life in the moment. An underlying love narrative is also explored in the track as Sine declares his love for a certain, unnamed girl adding yet another layer to this dense fusion track - certainly not one to miss out on.

Sine Tum Emmanuel, known simply as Sine, is a versatile Cameroonian artist based in the thriving hub of Marrakech, Morocco. His musical journey began in high school when he performed with singing groups, and he later honed his skills in clubs in Bamenda and Douala. Sine's breakthrough came when he emerged victorious in the inaugural edition of Africastar in Gabon in 2008. Following his Africastar triumph, Sine pursued his new musical venture through impressive collaboration with renowned international artists such as Richard Bona, Hamza Namira, Petit Pays, Meiway, Xmaleya, and others. His ability to effortlessly navigate diverse musical genres, including reggae, R&B, funk, afropop, and pop, sets him apart as somewhat of an artistic chameleon. The intriguing name "Sine" pays homage to his late mother, who passed away when he was just three years old which in turn gives his music a beautifully personal touch. In addition to his music career, Sine flaunts the title of CEO at Sakakech Production, an event management and music production company based in Marrakesh, where he continues to make waves in the entertainment industry. Stay up to date with his music using the links below.


Influences : Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Seal, Tuface Ididbia, Richard Tayc Bona, Burna Boy, Fela Kuti

Sine 'Blow Today'

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